Ruffle Sleeves & Palm Trees at The Breakers

Long time, no blog post! It's been quite some time since I posted on here and I just resurrected the Instagram while I was on spring break. It seems like I've been go go go ever since this new semester started and the blog has been put on the back burner. I finally had some down time over spring break and was able to take some outfit pictures while in Palm Beach! We were at the beach for a few days and it was the perfect low key vacation since we were able to relax out by the pool every day (yet I'm still not tan). I had been sick for the previous two weeks and was ready to just take a break and catch up on some leisure reading. I finished Arnold Palmer's book which was so so good! 
This was our first time in Palm Beach and everyone recommended that we check out The Breakers. I had seen pictures on Instagram, but it was bigger and more elegant than I had expected! We scoped out the hotel and walked along the seawall before grabbing lunch at the Seafood Bar. The restaurant just opened a few months ago and the nautical decor was so well done- the bar was a fish tank! Aside from the ornate interior, I loved the outdoor spaces like the patio with all the greenery and Lilly pillows on all the furniture.

(warning: photo overload)

Looking forward to writing more blog posts!
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Friday Finds 1/6/2017

I didn't do much online shopping this week since I've been at school, but I did end up ordering quite a few things the week after Christmas because there were so many great sales. I love stationary and writing thank you notes, and finally ordered some cards from The Grove Street Press. I've followed them on Instagram for a while but have never purchased anything from their site, so I am excited for when my order arrives!
Rush is also coming up at the end of the month for me, so I've been thinking about what to wear for each of the days. I ordered this dress on major sale from Nordstrom and think it would be good for pref round, but I'm not sure if it's too formal. What do y'all think? I like the detailing on the bottom because it sets it apart from the other black cocktail dresses most girls will likely be wearing.

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Popbar Charlotte

(images 1 & 3 via Popbar)

My parents and I are self proclaimed ice cream connoisseurs, so we were so excited to see that a Popbar opened in the NoDa neighborhood of Charlotte after visiting the location in NYC a few years ago. Popbar offers a wide variety of gelato, sorbet and yogurt bars that can be covered with toppings and dipped in chocolate. I tried one of the seasonal pops, Nut Brittle, a hazelnut gelato pop covered in chopped hazelnuts and dipped in chocolate! So good. 
The Charlotte Popbar location will be hosting a Grand Opening Celebration next Saturday, January 14. Pops will be free from 12-3pm and 50% off for the rest of the day!

Thanks for having me, Kia!
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Chicago Trip

Last week, my parents and I flew up to Chicago to visit my Grandparents and celebrate Christmas. I love going there to visit my family, eat some of my favorite food and go to all the great shopping spots! I also love when it snows when I visit because we don't get too much snow down in North Carolina, so it makes it a fun treat :)

My parents and I headed downtown to do some shopping one day. We usually go to Water Tower Place and Michigan Avenue but we went over to see the window displays at Macy's and do some shopping there. While we didn't end up buying anything it was a fun way to get in the holiday spirit.

We braved the cold and rain and walked over to Millennium Park to see the ice rink and take a typical tourist photo in front of the bean. After that we warmed up with some hot chocolate at Le Pain Quotidien.

See the outfit I wore downtown in this post.

A trip to Chicago is not complete without a visit to Portillo's. I got my usual Italian beef sandwich and tried the chocolate cake shake (highly recommend)!

After mass on Christmas morning, my Grandma made her famous apple pancakes. They're my favorite and I always look forward to having them during the holidays! 
(Also how cute is my Grandma's navy and white striped backsplash)

Hope you all had a great Christmas!
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