Friday Finds 8/18/2017

I've been doing a lot more shopping this week (both online and in stores) so I've got plenty of things I have purchased and added to my wishlist to share with you! J. Crew just released a ton of great new arrivals and I've been seeing so many great things for Fall in stores. All of a sudden last week I felt so ready for Fall and Thanksgiving, so bring on the cool weather! 
I move back into school next week so I'm trying to sort out all the clothes I want to bring (definitely have to limit myself). ICYMI, I did a post with Lucy sharing our tips for college freshmen! Give it a read if you're starting college this year (or even if you're going back as a sophomore, junior or senior)!

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5 Things to do Your First Semester as a College Freshman

I know for most students at Elon, Fall semester is a bit more manageable than Spring semester, which seems to not want to give your schedule a break. Because you might have a bit more time on your hands Fall semester, it's important to capitalize on that time and do things that will help you in the future. I'm collaborating with Lucy from Daily Dose of Prep to put together a list of things we did our  first semester of college that we found extremely beneficial, which I hope will be of help to any of you starting college this year! Be sure to check out Lucy's tips on her blog, she posts nearly every day so she has plenty of content I know y'all will love!

Create a Resume With an Advisor
One thing I am so glad I did early on is develop a relationship with the career advising staff at school and create and refine my resume. I didn't have the greatest looking resume going into college (just a random unorganized list), so it was so helpful to have an advisor look at it and help transform it into something that represented my skills and accomplishments better. Doing this early on was really beneficial for me because come second semester, applications for officer positions in clubs and summer jobs/internships are released, you will already have your resume ready to go! Going along with this I would highly recommend getting started making a digital resume on LinkedIn and connecting with people you know (I honestly think updating my LinkedIn and connecting with people is so fun).

Test Out Different Organizations
I can guarantee you're going to end up signing up for more organizations than you have time for at the org fair. You don't want to miss out on any awesome organizations or waste your time committing to ones you aren't passionate about so I recommend tagging along with a friend to their club meetings and attending interest meetings for numerous organizations to see what they're all about. It may seem overwhelming at first, but your freshman year is the time to determine what organizations reflect your interests and which ones are a good use of your time (and which ones aren't).

Interview Practice
Having never done an interview before, doing a mock interview with a career advisor boosted my confidence going into an interview for an on campus position. If you don't have mock interviews available at your school, consider doing an informational interview by grabbing coffee with a business professional. Because you aren't actually being interviewed for a job, it is less stressful and you can practice talking in a more professional setting and learn from people in the industry. I had one of these this summer and it was so interesting to chat with someone in the field I am interested in and see if that is somewhere I can picture myself after graduation. Both of these helped me prepare for interviews and feel more confident talking about different aspects of my resume and experiences.

Start Building Credit
Before I left for college I got a credit card specifically for college students so I could start building credit. College students are clearly on a budget, so keep your expenses low and at a rate you know you can pay off in time. I limited mine to gas and grocery store costs and made sure I paid my bills on time. This not only builds credit so you can lease an apartment or buy a car in the future, but it makes the idea of paying bills and handling money a little less daunting in the future.

Read the Newspaper
For my communications class we were required to read the newspaper every day. I was already in the habit of watching the evening news most nights so I had a general idea of what was going on in the world, but I found that reading the newspaper (not the whole thing, just the first page of each section!) made me so much more aware of current events. Having this basic understanding of world news not only helped me in my com classes but in most all of my classes because I was able to relate what we were learning to what is going on in the world. Most digital newspapers (like NYT and WSJ) offer student discounts to access articles on their sites, so take advantage of them!

Be sure to read Lucy's blog post sharing her tips for college freshmen!
Are you are getting ready to start your freshman year of college?
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Friday Finds 8/11/2017

A few finds from online shopping this week:
My favorite? This Hydro Flask water bottle that holds a ton and keeps my water cool.
The Bachelorette ended this Monday and I bet some of y'all are already experiencing withdrawals... luckily I stumbled across the premiere of Jimmy Kimmel's Baby Bachelor in Paradise and thought it was too funny (they also have the Baby Bachelor and Baby Bachelorette)! Hopefully these will keep you entertained until Bachelor in Paradise premieres in a few weeks.

I also just ordered an Elon print from Madeline & Company! I was so excited to see that Elon was one of the schools featured and had to get my hands on a print to hang in my dorm room. 
(Major throwback to when I met Madeline 2 years ago!)

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Heels for High-Heel-Haters

I would definitely identify myself as a high-heel-hater.
I'm someone who has avoided wearing high heels at all costs since the first time I tried to wear heels. They were always falling off or too tight or too tall and at 5' 8" I didn't feel like I needed to go through all that pain for the extra height. When I got the notification that I would have to wear heels each day of sorority recruitment I already dreaded it. I decided to start the hunt for a reasonably comfortable pair of heels that I could make it through the week in and stumbled across the perfect pair at Target.
These are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn! They're only 2.5" tall so you get a little bit of a boost at a comfortable height. The best part? They're under $30. I've already had the chance to wear them multiple times and they immediately dress up an outfit without putting you through the pain associated with high heels.
They also have a taller version (still under $30!) that reminds me of these Steve Madden ones if you're more comfortable in heels!

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